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Lift on Mobility Scooter

The client spends much of his time sitting on the ground caring for an exotic collection of some 200 birds but he needs to get on to a mobility scooter to travel distances and he is getting progressively weaker.  He now needs help to get up on to his mobility scooter

The solution

A commercially available lift system from Motor Lift, used mainly to assist people to get into caravans and mobile homes, was fitted on to the chassis at the back of the client’s mobility scooter.  A transfer platform was hinged off the Motor Lift so the client could slde off the lift on to the seat of the mobility scooter, the motor lift was operated using a remote control.  Initially the weight of the client on the Motor Lift was countered using a jockey wheel under the lift frame, this was fine over reasonably flat ground but gave drive problems over rough or undulating ground.  The jockey wheel was removed and a lever operated over toggle reaction platform was installed to resolve the problem.

The benefit

The client can easily get on to his mobility scooter and travel over all types of terain.

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3 responses to “Lift on Mobility Scooter”

  1. TechyList says:

    This is a great blog post! I have a mobility scooter and I love it, but I have to be careful not to lift it too high or too low. This custom equipment would be perfect for me!

  2. chrisgibson says:

    From Chris Gibson of Doncaster Remap.
    I am pleased to see another use for the Motor Step. I was the original designer of this product before joining Remap (we called it the GST PowerStep). What come around ……….!

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