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Lightweight Mounting Block for Disabled Rider

  • Pippa Cousins
  • Cambridge
  • CB2310
  • Complete

The client rides with Riding for the Disabled and had problems getting onto her pony. She asked REMAP to make a bespoke mounting block, so she could mount her pony unaided.

The Challenge

The client rides with Riding for the Disabled.

She had problems getting onto her pony. The standard mounting block wasn’t high enough; plus she hasn’t the strength to push up from it into the saddle.

She wanted to get onto her pony unaided. She asked REMAP to make a higher mounting block, with a hand-rail. It also needed to be lightweight and foldable, so that she could take it with her to events.

The solution

The client had an existing light-weight mounting block which the author decided to modify. This was because the platform needed to be portable, therefore light, and it was quite rigid and reasonably stable.

The author manufactured an extension using chequer plate, and tube that could be clipped on to the existing platform. By using decking to give the required extra height, it also gave additional mass and rigidity which helped make the whole unit more stable.


The benefit

The client was able to get onto her pony unaided, giving her the freedom she wanted.

The platform was also portable, so she can take it to events, and have that same freedom when she’s away from home, as she has when she’s riding at home.

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  1. Julie Hook says:

    How much are these please?

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