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Low Level Ride On Scooter

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  • SF 2662
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The project was to provide a scooter for a two year old child with low growth. The ride-on scooter was suggested by their physiotherapist to help the child gain leg strength.

The Challenge

The child’s leg could only reach 100mm down to the floor.

There are no scooters available for the size of the client and the low level version allowed normal activity for the two year old at home and in her nursery school.

The solution

The ride-on scooter was made by cutting down and reconfiguring a Galt wooden toddler trike.

In manufacturing the scooter the ergonomic aspects had to be established, such as the size of hand to grip the handle bar, the size of seat to cope with the leg length and hip size, and adding a back support.

The benefit

The ride-on scooter gave the client the ability to play at home and at nursery school while developing the client’s leg and core strength.

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