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Luggage carrier attachment for wheelchair

The client required a means of attaching a foldable luggage trolley to the front of their wheel chair so that the chair and trolley can be pushed by one person; the device must be quickly connectable without the use of tools, and not increase the size of the trolley when folded  so that it can be taken onto an aeroplane as hand luggage.

The solution

The solution was to fabricate an “H” frame from 12mm tubular steel with pivot bearings at the end of each leg, and brackets were made and fitted to both the trolley and wheel chair to which to attach the “H” frame. The frame is bolted to the trolley brackets and can be folded back onto the trolley and secured with velcro; the wheel chair end is attached using 2 quick release pins which are attached to the chair frame on lanyards. Two fixed castors on the front of the trolley were replaced with similar sized swivel castors.

The benefit

Easier movement of luggage at airports.

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4 responses to “Luggage carrier attachment for wheelchair”

  1. Marion says:

    Hey Hazel. Check out 🙂

  2. Sophie Morrison says:

    Hi Hazel,

    We’re a charity that custom makes equipment for disabled people when there’s nothing available on the market. If there’s no suitable luggage carriers made for your wheelchair, please drop us an email to and we’ll link you up with a local volunteer.


  3. Mark says:

    Sorry Hazel, but no; one of our group made the attachment items to meet that particular client’s needs although the trolley itself is available commercially. I suggest you contact your local REMAP group to see if they will make the parts for you.

  4. Hazel Brittan says:

    Hello, please can you tell me do you have any luggage carrier attachments available to hire/buy and how much is it. I live in Bristol

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