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Mattress positioner

  • Sophie Morrison
  • National
  • 24/04 2005
  • Complete

Matress positionerThe client has a gel mattress on top of her normal mattress. During the night, when she turned over, the gel mattress would slip off the bed with her on it. The gel mattress had to be kept in position and save the client hurting herself.

A bed guard had to be made higher than the mattresses, but low enough for the client to be able to get into bed. A two-tiered guard was constructed with pivoting staves between the mattress holding board. The guard was lowered enabling the client to get into bed. Once in bed, the client could pull a piece of rope attached to the higher tier and bring the guard into position and tuck the top tier guard behind her raising bars.

The mattress stayed in place when the guard was in its raised position and did not slip off the bed and the client did not wake to find herself in a heap on the floor.


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