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Modified book rest

  • Sophie Morrison
  • Barnet
  • 18/BA/04 2006
  • Complete

Modified book restA 12 year-old girl with visual impairment and epilepsy can only read books when they are within a few inches of her eyes.

A commercial paper stand, which could be raised and lowered, was modified as follows. A hardboard base was attached to the bottom of the stand via a piano hinge, fixed by a central rivet so that the stand can be rotated on the base. Movement of the rear support member on the stand was restricted to position the stand nearly upright. A hardboard shelf wider than the bottom rail of the stand was added to enable thicker books to be supported. Music-stand type pins were fitted to the front of this shelf to hold open the pages of any book that will not remain open by itself. The whole folds down for carrying.

The child can now sit more comfortably to read.

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