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Modified Stair Lift

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This client was unable to reach the lever of their stairlift which put them at risk of falling down the stairs. Their Occupational Therapist asked REMAP to adapt the lever, so the client could stay safe.

The Challenge

The client’s Occupational Therapist contacted REMAP because of a risk of the client falling down stairs during transfers on and off her stairlift.

The client uses a stairlift (privately purchased) to access the first floor of her property. However, because she has short forearms, she was unable to reach down the side of the stairlift seat. This meant that she couldn’t push the paddle handle down to enable the seat to swivel when at the top of the stairs. She was therefore having to transfer off her stairlift with an open stairway to her right. The Occupational Therapist was concerned that, if she were to fall when completing this transfer, she could fall down the stairs.

The Occupational Therapist asked us to modify the swivel lever, so that it could be reached by the client, thus eliminating the risk of her falling down the stairs during transfers.

The client did not want the stairlift to be drilled into, or permanently modified in any way, in case this invalidated the warranty. Therefore all fixings needed to be reversible.

The solution

A metal strut was clamped to the existing lever. However, due to the shape of the lever, there was a risk of it working loose and slipping off. So, some firm rubber was placed between the clamp and the lever to provide grip, and to prevent the lever slipping off.

The benefit

The client was able to transfer safely and independently onto and off her stairlift, without the risk of falling down the stairs.

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