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Modified Wheelchair Footrests

This client uses a conventional wheelchair for mobility, inside and outside the home. He likes to spend time cooking but finds it difficult to access the worktops and appliances from his wheelchair. In particular the conventional footrests prevent close approach to the units.

As he requires foot support, Remap were asked if they could provide less protruding footrests. After testing it was found the only workable position for his feet would be above the castors, this prompted experimenting with a higher seat position which also had significant benefits for accessing the worktops. Based on this, Remap provided a 70mm removable booster seat and bespoke removable footrests. The footrests are interchangeable with the standard ones and allow transfer by folding to a vertical position retained by magnets.


The client can now manoeuvre more easily in the kitchen and approach the units more closely, he also has a better and safer view of what’s cooking on the hob and can use the worktops and sink.

The client was warned, only to use the seat raiser and modified footrests inside on a level floor. He was told that rear anti-tip stability wheels are to be used, and he acknowledged and understood the potential reduced stability caused by the modification and accepted this because of the benefits of improved access within his kitchen.

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