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Modify standard bike to balance bike

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  • 415-04
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The client is 4 years old, with mild hemiplegic cerebral palsy. He has been using a standard balance bike, and is not yet ready for pedals, but as he is quite tall for his age has nearly outgrown his current bike. The parents cannot find a larger balance bike for him.

There is a range of larger balance bikes, made by Strider, but the child comes in a gap in the Strider size range.

The client’s height was considered and inside leg length measured to ensure that the provided cycle could be made suitable for him.

The cycle was fully stripped and inspected:

  • all areas of rust were cleaned and treated with a ‘Ku-rust’ converting solution which was then top coated with Hammerite paint;
  • pedals, crank shaft and bearings, chain, chain guard and rear sprocket were removed;
  • bottom bracket bearing cavity blocked flush using 2 opposing oak plugs painted black and held in place with 2 mush head screws and a threaded spacer;
  • brake callipers were stripped, rust wire brushed, treated, painted with hammerite and reassembled;
  • broken brake levers were replaced;
  • saddle and stem removed, and rear tube reduced by 25mm (max possible), stem reduced by 50mm and both to reduce minimum saddle height to suit client’s leg length;
  • wheels, rims and spokes inspected for concentricity and run-out, axles and bearings checked for play, free running and lubricated;
  • tyres inspected, inflated to test pressure and checked for cuts, age cracks and tread, no leaks or adverse characteristics.

The bike was adjusted and tested for brake effectiveness and considered satisfactory, tyre pressures were reduced to ‘soft’ to further reduce saddle height in use.


Bristol Panel case ref. 415-04

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