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Molift Knee Blocks

  • Pippa Cousins
  • Cambridge
  • CB1901
  • Complete

The client had had recent surgery, preventing him from being able to transfer independently by standing following a surgery. This meant that he was having to be lifted by mum or hoisted at school.

School had tried to use a Molift lifter which would be ideal has it would enable him to continue standing, but they found that he was “windsweeping” (i.e. his knees go toward the left), which made him at risk of falling. So the School OT asked for blocks to be fitted onto his Molift, to keep his knees in position when standing. They asked that the modifications be easily removeable, so that the Molift could be used by other children in future.

The solution

Three blocks were fitted to the Molift, creating two slots into which the client’s knees fit, to restrain them laterally. Each block was made from a 160mm length of square-section plastic downpipe, covered with foam cut from a yoga mat. The blocks were fixed to the knee-pad of the Molift with double-sided adhesive pads and cable ties.

The benefit

The client was able to use the Molift for transfers, improving his strength. It also meant that Mum was no longer lifting him, and school no longer had to hoist him.

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