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Motorise a Stroller

  • CliveB
  • Bristol
  • 01-18-11
  • Complete

The client had purchased a powerStroll motor unit to fit a Rollz Stroller. The problem was that the motor assembly needed side bars on the stroller, which the Rollz does not have.

The client did not want the stroller to be modified so a clamp method had to be used to provide the side bars needed.

The electric controller would not fit the handle shape of the Stroller.

The solution

An aluminium plate was made to fit on the base of the stroller frame, clamped by the wheel mount. A 3D printed part shaped to match the contour of the frame and containing a mounting hub for an aluminium rod was attached to the plate and a second part was then bolted to it to form a clamp. All these parts could be removed from the stroller so that it could be returned to its original state.

A second 3D printed clamp was made for the other upright, also containing a mounting hub for the aluminium rod.

A T-junction was 3D printed for each side that slid along the aluminium rods and had hubs to take the original powerStroll cross member.

The controller was reshaped by wrapping 3D printed parts around it, which also contained fixing for a pair of tie-wrap steps that fixed the controller to the handle. This was augmented with a liberal amount of hot-melt glue.

The benefit

The stroller was now easy to ‘push’ by the client.

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