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Mouth operated blow switch for bass guitar pedal

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Essex North are asking for help please:

We have had a request from a Bass Guitar player suffering from MS to make his effect pedal operate from a mouth operated blow switch instead of him using the usual foot operated switch. Has any other panel made such a device, the real issue for the N Essex panel is the blow or mouth operated switch I think we may be able to  modify the foot switch but have no experience of blow switches or indeed guitar effect pedals. I believe his effect pedal is analogue not digital if that means anything. Any help would be appreciated.


Ashley Slater

Chairman Remap Essex North Panel

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2 responses to “Mouth operated blow switch for bass guitar pedal”

  1. Tom Bradley says:

    A BMP180 or similar sensor could be connected to an Arduino which would then control a MCP4131 solid state pot, which would replace the pot in the bass peddle. The Arduino would need to be programmed to give the desired response. I’m assuming the pot in the peddle is only working at signal voltages.
    I’ve not built a pressure sensing device but have built similar devices.

  2. jack rae says:

    I’ve some experience of using mouth switches for controlling sailing dinghies but these used on/off functions. This e-bay link gives what might be a suitable analogue unit

    One thing you will need is a ‘spit trap’ since saliva inevitably seeps down the mouth=piece into whatever is at the control end and ends up rotting the sensor.

    If you wish I can send you some photos of the job I did which might give you some physical ideas

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