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Mouth operated piano foot pedal

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The client is paralysed from a lesion at C4 from a fall from a roof some years ago.  He therefore needs much physiotherapy to maintain strength and dexterity. For his hands and fingers he has taken up learning to play the piano.  He had the idea of a mouth switch to enable him to operate the foot pedal of his electronic piano.

The solution

The solution was to use a relay, triggered by the pulse from the mouth bite switch.  All the components except the mouth switch and connections to USB power and the piano foot control socket are in the component box illustrated in the photo.  The circuit for the control was fairly simple – just the imposition of a relay to open and close the foot switch input triggered by a latching relay.

Depending on the choice of relay the control can be on/off by closing and releasing the bite switch or the pedal can be switched on with a bite and then off with a further bite.  The client selected the first option for ease of operation.

The switch works well and the client finds it satisfactory, as does his piano teacher.

The benefit

The solution provided full control of the piano. The client uses piano playing as a means to achieve needed physiotherapy for his still functioning upper body and limbs.

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