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Moving skates for a Bariatric Riser Recliner

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The community hospital had a large riser recliner that was only used occasionally, but they had great difficulty moving it to a storage area when not used. REMAP made bespoke skates and arm supports to allow easy movement.

The Challenge

The bariatric chair was only used occasionally, so it needed to be moved from the ward to storage about five times per year. Staff were dragging it along which, as the chair weighs 100Kg, was difficult.

REMAP were asked to provide a solution. The manufacturer does not supply castors.


The solution

The solution is fairly simple, the chair feet fit in sockets on the two skates. The skates have castors one end and wheels at the back.

The arm stands allow the chair to be raised and held so the feet are off the floor and the skates placed beneath the chair.


The benefit

The skates have saved the staff from dragging the chair on a sheet.

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