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‘Neater Eater’ plate frame

  • Sophie Morrison
  • National
  • 24/06 2007
  • Complete

Neater Eater plate frameThe client has only one usable arm and the fingers of the hand cannot grip and carry a loaded plate. He wanted to be able to put a plate in his microwave oven and when cooked return it to his ‘Neater Eater’.

The ‘neater eater’ plate was replaced with a flat base, high sided plate and located on the ‘neater eater’ by a stainless steel fence. The ‘neater eater’ and the microwave were mounted at either end of a base board. Between these two units, a hinged aluminium plate was installed which when lying flat allowed the microwave door to open over it. A small lever then raised the microwave end to the height of the turntable. With the minimum finger grip the plate can be slid between the ‘neater eater’ fence and the microwave turntable.

The client is now able to heat his meals safely and with great ease.


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