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Non-spill cup carrier

We are often asked if we can help Clients who are unsteady on their feet (following a stroke, Parkinsons, or simply age related) if we can find some way they can carry drinks and other liquids without spilling them. The cup carrier was devised to offer a simple solution, and several of these have now been made and supplied, with the design slowly being refined….

The solution

The cup carrier comprises a simple wooden circular platform with a raised rim, fitted with a rigid wooden hoop over the top which is tall enough to go over a cup or mug placed on the platform. A short length of bath plug chain is attached to the apex of the wooden hoop, and this in turn is attached a to the centre point of a simple acetal bar.

The user puts their cup or mug on the platform (two cut-outs are provided in the raised rim to allow for the mug handle), then lifts using the bar – see photo.

Provided the assembly is not knocked against some solid object, then the cup carrier and mug can be moved around quite rapidly / violently without the liquid spilling, even if the mug or cup (or wine glass!) is full to the brim.

Because the mug is being suspended flexibly through its centre point, then forces on the mug and its contents can only go straight along the mug axis – and hence the liquid cannot spill.

We have now made over a dozen of these for different Clients – almost volume production…!

The benefit

The simple device has allowed several of our Clients to transport liquids safely around the home. It has also proved useful for fully able bodied partners or carers of our Clients who may be required to carry liquids up and down stairs, over rough ground, etc.

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