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Off-road rollator

  • Sophie Morrison
  • Berkshire
  • BK2015/48
  • Complete
Finished walker
Finished rollator
Unmodified buggy frame
Un-modified buggy frame
The 6-year-old client is able to walk short distances indoors, but when outdoors, she needs an aid which is manoeuvrable but gives her stability and some protection against bumping into things and able to cope with moving over rough ground.  It will help to improve her stamina, balance skills & confidence and  to join her family when they are out and about.  A child-size off-road rollator is not available to buy.

The family had an off-road buggy which was no longer required.  This was modified to lower the handle bar and move the rear wheels further forward to reduce the overall length and improve stability.  The over-long vertical tubes were not cut down to allow the changes to be reversible.  It still folds for storage and transport.


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