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One-handed folding perching stool and walking stick

  • Sophie Morrison
  • Berkshire
  • BK2016/40
  • Complete
stool -resize
Stool open
handle close up - resize
Stool closed

walking resize
In use as a walking stick …
seated resize
… and as a stool
comparative size - resize

The client uses two walking sticks to get around and needs to have a light weight folding seat available, that can be opened and closed with one hand, for when she gets tired.

An aluminium walking stick was bought and two further legs added, made from carbon fibre tubes.  The stool is kept in the closed position with a locking ring attached by a cord to a lever.  A tripod camping stool was cannibalised to provide the fabric seat and hinge mechanism.

To ensure that only one leg is in contact with the ground when used as a walking stick, the two carbon fibre legs are slightly shorter.

The final stool weighs only 600g and can be opened or closed one-handed in 10 seconds.

Various designs of shooting sticks and folding perching stools are available, but none offer the stability, light weight and one-handed operation of this design.

This has proved very popular and has been repeated for other clients. The design has been improved to ensure the legs are fully closed when in use as a walking stick.


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