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One-handed knitting

  • Robert Monk
  • Berkshire
  • BK2023-173
  • Complete

This client wanted an aid to allow her to continue knitting after losing the use of her left arm as a result of a stroke.

The Challenge

This client wished to continue knitting after losing the use of her left arm as a result of a stroke.

The solution

The obvious problem of holding the lefthand pin (for a right-handed user) had been addressed by previous REMAP designs, but it soon became clear on testing that there was an additional problem which other designs had not addressed.

Knitters hold both pins fairly close to the working ends. This allows them to momentarily support the righthand (working) pin with the left hand while the thread is looped over to make the stitch. Without the use of the left hand there is a tendency for the working pin to be dropped as the thread is looped over. To overcome this problem a rod was fitted parallel to the lefthand (fixed) pin to support the working pin while the thread was looped over.

Both pins were fitted with a small steel collar at the non-working end which allowed them to be held in a magnetic clasp when in the fixed position.

The jig was attached to a commercial embroidery hoop stand which the client sits on and allows three dimensional adjustment.

During initial casting on (probably carried out by a friend), it was suggested that a length of thread was attached to each end of the first row. This could subsequently be used, by tucking the end under the clients paralysed left arm, to provide some slight tension to prevent the stiches slipping off the working end of the needle.

Video showing the aid in use.

The benefit

The client can now carry on knitting.

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