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Overlocker Hand Controller 2

A request for assistance was received from the Cambridgeshire panel member who had seen the previously constructed hand controller. The client was unable to use her feet to to operate the foot control for her overlocker sewing machine.

The solution

The Cambridgeshire panel member sent me the foot controller. The electronic circuit board was removed and modified. It was fitted with an on/off switch, a rotary potentiometer with 11 detents, a start/stop switch, a momentary start button, and a latching emergency stop system. The emergency stop operates if the red button is pressed or if the controller falls off the front of the table. The modified circuit board was fitted into a black plastic box and the controls were labelled.

The benefit

The modified controller was posted back to the Cambridgeshire panel member who returned it to the client and showed her how it operated. Printed instructions were also provided. The client was very pleased with the controller and is now able to operate her overlocker.

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