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Pan stabiliser on electric hob

  • Sophie Morrison
  • National
  • LN/02/25/b 2005
  • Complete

Pan stabiliser on electric hobThe client was unhappy using her electric hob, as she was unsteady on her feet and she and her husband (who does most of the cooking) were afraid of her upsetting the saucepans when cooking.

A 10mm diameter steel rail was formed to fit around the perimeter of the hob, 70mm above the surface, thus fencing off the saucepans when in use. The rail was fixed to the rear wall by two flanges and to the worktops at the sides of the cooker by steel supports welded to the underside of the rail.

The rail provides a ‘comfort factor’ for the couple, the wife is not worried that she will upset a saucepan, and stress in the kitchen is reduced.

(Lincoln & District)

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