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Parkinsons chair support

When sitting at a table the client gradually leans over to the left. So something was needed to sit on a range of different chairs to stop this happening.

The solution also needed to fold down so it could be taken into restaurants, without looking too conspicuous.

The solution

A drawing was made with suggested dimensions of a folding box seat. A prototype was then made with chipboard and taken for the client to try at home.

Several adjustments were then made so the client could get nearer to the table and also to the position of the arm supports. Once happy with the shape and size a final version was made in 18mm birch ply. After a final check with the client this was then stained in medium oak to match the client’s dining table and taken to an upholsterer to add a thin foam under the cloth upholstery. The seat base cushion is removable on  a thin ply board so that the extra padding can be adjusted over time.

The velcro strap is used to hold the folded seat together in transit and also to secure the back of the seat to the chair when in use.

The following link shows how the seat works.

The benefit

The client can sit comfortably at the table at meal times without falling to the left. It makes mealtimes much quicker and less stressful for both the client and her husband. In addition the client can go out to restaurants with confidence.

The client has recorded a video explaining how it has helped her.

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2 responses to “Parkinsons chair support”

  1. Chris Basley says:

    All items are bespoke to suit individual clients and in this case with input from a Physiotherapist and an Occupational Therapist.
    If you look at our website you can be referred to your nearest Remap branch to see if they can help you.

  2. Akshay Sharma says:

    How much cost to make this chair support

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