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Parkinsons infusion pump holster modifications

Our client has a CADD-Legacy 1400 infusion pump which administers Parkinsons medication throughout the day.  The pump is quite bulky and heavy and the weight is across one shoulder making it uncomfortable over very long periods of time. The strap is also very wide with not much give in it – a bit like car seat belt material.

As well as the standard holster, the client had been issued with a type of waistcoat with a pump holder built in, but found this unsuitable for the correct and comfortable use throughout the day.

Library photo of the type of pump the client uses.

The solution

The Harrogate and Ripon group debated and tried a number of solutions to the problem such as incorporating the pump into clothing items along the lines of the standard issue waistcoat, but it was simply too bulky and heavy for such solutions to work.

Ultimately, a decision was taken to simply add a Remap made bespoke adjustable padded shoulder strap to the supplied shoulder holster, to go across the other shoulder to at least spread the weight evenly, and this solution worked.

The additional strap for the supplied holster.

The additional strap adjusted and then sewn in place at the client’s home.

As the supplied waistcoat was not required, the holster sewn into it was cut out and used by Remap to make a second shoulder holster.  Thinner white webbing was used to enable the client to use it under a light coloured blouse.

The second holster with thinner white webbing and shoulder pads.

The benefit

The original supplied holster is much more comfortable and tends to stay in position too.  The second holster originally intended for use whilst the other is being washed and for use under light coloured clothing turned out to be even more comfortable than the original in use, and the client favours it commenting “I sometimes forget I’m wearing it!”.

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