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Play Station control

The client has muscular dystrophy. This makes it hard for him to press the buttons on his playstation controller and limits the range of games that he can play.

Modification of the controller itself was considered (either reduce the force of the existing buttons or wire in softer buttons from an external keypad) but rejected, as this would have to be repeated every time the client bought an upgraded controller. Instead an adapter was made that allows all the controller buttons to be actuated through two-to-one levers, the layout of the buttons being preserved. The two joysticks were replicated in their correct places within the area of the new buttons. Upgrades to the controller appear to retain the same physical layout and number of buttons, therefore whenever an upgraded controller is acquired it can be substituted on the existing adaptor.

The client reported that he has much better control and that he can play many games that he could not manage before.

Brent and Harrow

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One response to “Play Station control”

  1. Peter Hildrew says:

    I saw on Makeability that you made a made an adapter for a Playstation controller, and I thought I’d see if you can help.

    I had a call from a young man, Freddie, who uses a PS4 Playstation. He has muscular dystrophy – as did your client. His mum called, but Freddie explained to me that his condition means that he is finding it more and more difficult to press down on the central joystick control. He does not have the same problem with the other buttons. I wonder whether the adapter that you made might work in his case, and whether it is very difficult for us to recreate. For example, did you take photos or make drawings? The other question that I have is that since his problem is the spring pressure on the joystick controls, is it not possible to modify the controller? I notice that this is something that you considered but rejected because it wasn’t a future-proofed solution. What would your advice be?

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