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Portable toilet seat

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(posted by Paula Allchin)

A young mother has a five year old boy with severe cerebral palsy. She has a ‘Rifton Hygiene and Toileting system’ for use at home. Away from home she has a soft plastic seat insert and she has to support her son when using the toilet. She would like a portable seat which provides full support in all directions (back, sides and front) and attaches firmly to the toilet bowl (just attaching to the seat would not be secure enough). The only possible solution I have so far is to adapt a commercial chair ( eg ) by an easy to use attachment to the bowl, assuming that is possible. Any further suggestions would be appreciated. Please contact Brian Light,

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2 responses to “Portable toilet seat”

  1. Brian Light says:

    Thanks for the suggestion Robert. The problem for my client is that she wants a portable seat that will safely attach to a standard toilet bowl so she can visit friends/relatives. I cannot assume any special fittings like side rails or clamping bar already fitted to the toilets.

  2. Robert Monk says:

    Berks had a job where a Rifton HS seat was unsuitable, although for a different reason, see for our solution. It clips onto the standard side rails found in disabled toilets. I imagine that would be more reliable than trying to design something to attach to a range of toilet bowls. If more support than that provided by the backrest and straps is needed, then a more shaped back rest could be considered.

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