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Pram pulling aid

Pram pulling aidLeah has been blind from birth and, having a young child, wished to be able to take her out for walks. She found that pulling a pram with one hand whilst being guided by her dog with the other gave her an awkward posture. She needed a means of improving her posture.

A towing bracket was fixed to the pram handle. This permitted Leah to pull the pram without having to twist her body. One of the problems encountered was the design of the pram which has a great deal of lost motion in the folding handle system.

Because Leah is totally blind, there are risks associated with her taking a child out in a pram. As such she was issued with a product “limitation-of-use” instruction sheet.

Leah now has the means to permit her to pull her child in the pram so enhancing her maternal experience.

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