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Projector – best not too expensive for Remap presentations?

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(posted by Paula Allchin)

The Oxford panel would like advice please on which projector to buy for Remap presentations.  They do not want to spend much money on the projector but obviously want a reliable product which does not have overly expensive bulbs.

Please rely to me, Paula Allchin,


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2 responses to “Projector – best not too expensive for Remap presentations?”

  1. Peter Parry says:

    There is little difference between the projectors using digital light panel (DLP) when used for presentations. All have expensive “bulbs” because the bulb is a complete optical sub assembly. They all have a long bulb life when you look at the running hours they get with presentations. Having a short throw (projector to screen distance) is important in many smaller halls. The InFocus IN126STa is a fairly typical business projector with good image brightness, short throw and 3500 Hours Lamp Life. About £450. You need good brightness (about 3,000 Lumens) as many places have limited control of lights and doing a presentation in darkness is never a good idea.

    There are a number of lower resolution projectors around – and 1024 x 768 is fine for presentations so also look at the EPSON EB-X31, about £300 but it doesn’t have a particularly short throw. Avoid the small sub 1,000 Lumen LED projectors – some are truly awful. Also beware of second hand with limited bulb life remaining – many projectors have firmware which stops them working at the stated bulb life (not as bad an idea as it seems as bulb failure can be catastrophic).

  2. Robert Monk says:

    You could suggest they put a Wanted posting on FreeCycle and/or Freegle to see if a free one is available.
    These are the Oxford groups, but there are others in Oxfordshire that might be more convenient.

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