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Provision of adjustable bed rail

  • Sophie Morrison
  • Scotland
  • DG 09/08
  • Complete

Provision of adjustable bed railThe client has progressive weakness in all muscle groups affecting her abilities to walk, sit upright for long periods, and great difficulty moving and turning in bed. She needs a shallow bed rail to assist her to turn or otherwise move her position in the bed, but the rail must not impede her ability to reach to the bedside table to operate her bi-pap machine (which assists her to breathe when lying down).

A bed rail was made from 1″ stainless steel tube, mounted on brackets attached to the bed frame. The brackets are adjustable to allow both horizontal movement along the bed frame, and vertical movement by means of adjustable height stops.

The bed rail can now be adjusted precisely to suit all the criteria needed by the client, whatever the current situation.


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