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Raised Sofa

  • Pippa Cousins
  • Cambridge
  • CB2217
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The client’s OT contacted REMAP, because their sofa was very low, and she was struggling to get up from it.

The Challenge

The client’s OT contacted REMAP, requesting that we raise their sofa.

The client had recently bought a secondhand sofa, but it was very low. They were struggling to stand from sitting. The OT was concerned both that the client’s sitting position was poor because the sofa was too low, and also about the risk of falling whilst trying to get up. The OT had looked at commercially available sofa raisers, but due to the style and shape of the feet, there was nothing suitable on the market.

The solution

12 blocks of wood made 100 x 100 x 180mm.

Drilled out 53mm diameter 60DP to take individual sofa legs (Legs measure 48.5mm diameter x 50mm height).

Chamfered and painted blocks.

The benefit

Once the raisers were in position, the client had a more comfortable seating position on the sofa. They were also safer getting up from sitting to standing, with less risk of a fall. The blocks were painted in to match the sofa, and the client was very pleased overall, both with the look and the function.



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