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Reduce width of 3-wheeled walker

  • Sophie Morrison
  • Berkshire
  • BK2016/62
  • Complete
Original over-centre locking linkage with frame in closed position …
pic4 … and locked in open position.
pic1 New fixed linkage
Spacer added
pic2 The finished narrower rollator
The client’s 3-wheeled folding rollator was too wide to pass easily through the doorways in her home and she found the over-centre linkage that locks the rollator in the open position too stiff to use.  Unless the opening linkage is fully locked, the frame can (and has) closed up.

As the frame closes, the rear wheels ‘toe out’, so the amount that the frame could be closed to make it narrower was dictated by what was an acceptable amount of ‘toe out’. The reduction in width that could be achieved while retaining acceptable wheel alignment was approximately 60mm.

At this opening, the existing linkage would not lock so a new, fixed linkage was made to replace the existing one. It was secured on studs with butterfly nuts so that it was still possible to fold the frame, (for transport, for example).

The hole centres on the fixed linkage were 10mm less than on the original linkage (in its locked position). This reduced the gap between the vertical section of the frame (carrying the handles) so that the basket would not quite fit as normal. (The hooks on the basket fitted over the thumb screws that lock the handles in place.)  Spacers were inserted on the threads of the thumbscrews to compensate.

All the changes to the walker are easily reversible to its original state.


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