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Remote camera shutter release

Identified need:
Client suffered a stroke and has lost most use of right arm.  He is a professional photographer and has tried various methods to operate the camera and shutter release simultaneously but none are satisfactory; feels he needs a bespoke solution.  Camera is a Canon EOS 6D DSLR .  The viewfinder rather than screen is used for composition.

focus button

Fig 1: focus button

The original shutter button has a two-stage action: pressing half-way engages the focus mechanism, pressing further releases the shutter. This two-stage action was retained by using separate switches: the focus switch being finger operated (Fig 1) with the shutter release achieved with a ‘puff’ switch (Fig 2). As in the existing arrangement, the shutter could not be released without first activating the focus.

shutter release puff switch

Fig 2: shutter release puff switch

hand grip

Fig 3: hand grip










An old Vivitar grip proved ideal as a base for producing a device.  The lead from a remote switch was utilised to provide the plug for the camera and a miniature switch positioned in the cable release slot on the grip.  A ‘puff’ switch was attached to the base of the grip with the tube secured with a twist-tie.

To enable the grip to be mounted to either camera or lens, the existing cold shoe on the top of the grip was adapted to a ¼” UNC thread (Fig 3) enabling fitment to camera base or directly onto longer lenses for better balance.

After using the device the client felt the puff switch was vulnerable to impact as he lacked control when putting down the camera.  A guard was fabricated using two small chair caster cups back-to-back with suitably positioned slots and hole for the cabling.  This ensured the puff tube exited at right angles and formed a stable base to stand the unit upright.


Fig 4: switch guard


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