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Remote Dog Kennel Opener

A device was required to open a dog kennel when the carers had left the client was in bed.

The client has MND and was unable to get into bed on his own, but his carers were not happy with the client’s dog being free when they were helping him into bed.

I found and used a commercially available door catch and lock that only required 12volts to open it. A small remote and circuit finished off the lock / release mechanism. So, I just had to make a door and fit it to the kennel.

The Challenge

The client needed his dog secured in the kennel while their carers were helping him into bed. Then, once they had left, he could release his dog for company overnight. The client was unable to get into bed on his own and required help. His dog is aggressive to other people.

No commercial item was available to open the kennel remotely.

I had to consider whether the kennel was secure, whether the item was simple to use, if the carers would feel safe that the dog was secure in the kennel, and whether there was any way the dog could be harmed or trapped.

The solution

I made a complete front to the kennel with a door.

It all started life as a produce cage from a shop. I used many parts, the hinges, the top extended for the door, and some of the side for the front. The netting was also welded into place.

The remote and the plug top transformer were from eBay and the lock was also an internet purchase. Most of the metal was from the cage, but I did have to add some square tube and some pipe brackets for hinges on the lock itself.

The benefit

The client is now able to release the dog when his carers have gone, and it is a simpler lock mechanism to close and open the kennel.

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