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Replacement wheelchair table top

Our client has an unusual commercially made flip-over wheelchair tray with a Perspex top, and is very reliant on it, not only at home but for work too – leading to the top becoming marked and scuffed over time. You can see evidence of this on the front edge in the photo.   This type of wheelchair tray is no longer being manufactured so Remap were approached to make a replacement top for it, that could be held as a spare for when the top either becomes too unsightly, or suffers more serious damage in use.

The solution

Harrogate and Ripon Group engineer Steve Brown made a replacement using polycarbonate rather than Perspex.   Perspex tends to be cheaper and a little easier to work with, but it is hoped that Polycarbonate will prove to be more durable for this particular application.

The benefit

Our client was delighted with the result, and has the re-assurance that if the current tray does suffer a serious mis-hap, it can be swapped over to the spare in just a few minutes and won’t affect his ability to do his job.

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