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Request for bicycle brakes

  • Ian D Midgley
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(posted by Susan Iwanek)
Jack Rae of the Carlisle panel has contacted us with the following request to panels:

“I have a case pending where a 9-year old child with stunted growth and weak muscles wishes to ride her bicycle.

The existing brakes uses cable operated rim brakes but she finds these too hard to pull and out-with her reach.

Consultation with several local bicycle dealers has established that the best chance of success is to replace the cable brakes by rim operated hydraulic brakes

The most suitable manufacturer and style is MAGURA HS33

However, these are quite expensive.

Even the used units on the likes of E-bay are expensive and most of these carry a caveat suggesting they are not fully serviceable.

Do any panel members have a used set of such brakes lying around in their workshop looking for a good home ??

If so, please contact me directly at 01387 380010 or

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