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Rising foot stool

  • Sophie Morrison
  • National
  • 61/03 2005
  • Complete

Rising foot stoolThis client needed to be able to raise his leg onto a footstool at the same level or higher than his hip but did not have the ability to raise his leg so high. The client was able to raise his leg onto a low level foot stool however.

A redundant motorised bath seat was fitted with an upholstered cushion (from the top of the client’s foot stool). When the ‘seat’ was at its lowest level, the client was able to press a switch on the motor to raise the level of the stool to the required height. When the client needed to stand again, the seat was lowered by the switch thus enabling him to remove his leg from the stool.

The client was able to rest his leg at the correct level and without having to call upon help when he wanted to raise or lower his leg. He enjoys his independence.


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