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Rollator brakes

  • Robert Monk
  • Berkshire
  • BK2018/121
  • Complete

A client has a progressive muscle weakness, that particularly affects hand grip, walking and balance. He is having trouble operating the brakes on his wheeled walker and this makes him feel very unsafe.

The solution

The solution allows the client to apply the brakes without using any gripping power. The new vertical levers are pushed forward to apply the brakes progressively. Pulling the levers towards the user applies the parking brake which locks on until released by pushing the levers forward, or by pulling the original brake levers up. The original levers’ function is unchanged by the additional levers. The whole mechanism can be removed, leaving the walker unchanged.



Brake un-applied

Brake applied

Parking brake applied


The benefit

The client is much safer when walking now that he does not need to use his reduced hand grip to operate the brakes of his rollator.

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