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Rotating Camera Mount

  • Akshaya Ahuja
  • Cambridge
  • CB1910
  • Complete

An electronically controlled, motorised camera mount was created and fixed to the client’s wheelchair to help her film videos for her YouTube channel. A toggle switch attached to the arm rest controls the motorised mount, allowing the camera to be rotated slowly in either direction whilst filming. Prior to this project, the client would hold and control the camera position manually, leading to difficulties with filming and often ending up in her dropping and breaking the camera. The case study was covered by BBC Look East (West), see accompanying video.

The client is a vlogger who regularly creates and uploads videos on YouTube about her day to day life for her community of subscribers. She uses a digital camera to film the videos, which she often films whilst seated on her motorised wheelchair, both indoors and outdoors. The client would hold and turn the camera manually which would make filming more difficult and often result in her dropping and breaking the camera. The challenge was to provide a solution that would allow the camera to be held and rotated more easily during filming, whilst avoiding the risk of the camera being dropped.

The solution

A motorised camera mount controlled by a two-way toggle switch was made and fixed to the client’s wheelchair. The client no longer has to hold or rotate the camera manually, but simply actuate the switch to turn the camera remotely. There is also no risk of the camera being dropped whilst it is fixed to the camera mount, which is rigidly attached to the wheelchair. This solution fully meets and exceeds the initial requirements and expectations of the client.

The solution consists of the following off-the-shelf parts:

  • 1000:1 geared DC motor and gearbox assembly
  • A standard 1/4″ camera mount adaptor
  • A drive coupling (modified to interface with the motor and camera mount adaptor)
  • A sprung two-way toggle switch
  • A battery pack containing 4 AA batteries
  • Lightweight plastic boxes which conceal the mechanisms and wiring

The benefit

From the client (see accompanying video)…

“The biggest part of it transforming my life is that I can’t drop it anymore, beforehand I’ve got through three of these cameras in the last year… now it electronically turns around for me, that’s given me so much more independence to get an easier turning on things and not drop the camera”

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