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Saucepan pouring robot

Client wishes to safely pour a saucepan of hot liquid from a hot-plate to a mug. Client has significantly reduced strength and coordination making tasks like this very difficult, but would like to able to make hot soup and milk by herself. This, as far as we know, was a unique problem. The robot needed to be robust and reliable to minimize risk of electrical shock and scolding. Client is adept at using the robot through test runs and demonstrations.

The solution

Automatic mains-powered saucepan pouring robot. Robot grabs saucepan off the hotplate, pours the heated liquid into a mug for user to drink from. Places saucepan back down.

Made with stepper motors, microcontroller, PSU. Mechanism designed from scratch and made using CAD designed plastic 3D printed parts. Made in a 1 bed flat in bedroom. A shaft was made by Remap volunteer on lathe. Material and components sourced new online and in local outlets. Few parts including the larger stepper motors scavenged from previous attempt.

The benefit

Increased independence

Hot milk and hot soup when required

Client expressed satisfaction  “I’m going to pack out my freezer with tons of fresh soup!”


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