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Sensory board for child’s bedroom

  • Sophie Morrison
  • Doncaster
  • 494 2009
  • Complete

Sensory board for child's bedroomThis child of 10 has severe mental and physical disabilities. He has the unfortunate habit of breaking toys simply by overuse or ‘worrying’ of the particular toy. He loves stimulus toys but bought items proved too fragile for his use.

Mounted on a plywood base securely fastened to his bedroom wall are several items for his use. These include brass rivets in a pattern to run fingers over, wheels and knobs to twist, homemade shapes mounted on a frame (abacus style), shallow holes to put his fingers in and out of, a large wheel to spin, fabric to touch, a piece of shiny aluminium to touch, raised shapes to run fingers over and an old fashioned light switch to clip and down.

This sensory board gives endless hours of stimulus and entertainment to this little boy. In addition, the younger boys in his foster family also get great pleasure from helping him to use the device which also provides him with greater stimulus.

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