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Shaped back support

  • Sophie Morrison
  • Berkshire
  • BK2017/36
  • Complete
Back pack and half inflated cushion from Decathlon
Back pack and half inflated cushion
Rucksack and shaped foam
Back pack and shaped foam
Backpack showing the moveable hook on a velcro strap
Back pack with hook in position
Client sitting against the backpack containing the air cushion
Back pack in use
The client has a protruding shoulder blade as a result of scoliosis which makes it very uncomfortable to sit in most chairs and required a solution that is discrete.

He was supplied with two aids: One was a foam cushion shaped to fit to the actual shape of his back. The second was an air cushion bought from Decathlon. Both are intended to go into a soft back pack which can either be worn or put on the seat between the client and the chair back. A hook which attaches to the back pack with Velcro to provides adjustment to ensure the back pack hangs on the back of the chair at the right height.

In order for the air cushion to mould itself to the client’s back and not to the shape of the chair (which could be too short or could include struts for example), a board was inserted into the backpack to provide a flat surface so that the air cushion would press against this uniform surface.

The advantage of the air cushion over the foam cushion is that it will adapt itself to almost any shape of back and therefore can be worn by anyone with a similar condition and is very quick and cheap to assemble.  A disadvantage is it can feel a bit wobbly. The foam cushion on the other hand requires carving into shape, taking time and skill, and is a bespoke product for that individual.


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