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Shower control adaptations

3D printed control adaptations for a difficult to use shower for a lady with arthritis, to improve grip and leverage.

The Challenge

The shower was difficult for our client to operate, and it was quite old and not possible to readily obtain replacement controls that we could have modified.  The controls on shower mixers often become stiffer to operate as they get older too.

The solution

Harrogate and Ripon Group engineer Mike Johnson devised 3D printed levers comprising a front and back half which secure around a small protrusion that marks the control position for the users.   The back ring of the lever assembly slides over the spindle and is turned at 90 degrees. The front lever slides onto the control knob and engages with the back ring (friction fit). Waterproof tape is then used to connect the 2 parts together.


The benefit

It was far easier and more comfortable for our client to grip and use the levers.

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