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Sidhil Profiling Bed Control Holder

A control holder that attaches to the standard issue bed rail on a Sidhil profiling bed to help a lady who had suffered a stroke to press the controls.

The Challenge

Our client had suffered a stroke and was finding it a little difficult to get out of her profiling bed. There was also an additional concern that, in attempting to reach for the bed control, she could fall out of bed.  The bed control only comes with a hook as standard.

The solution

A simple holder was fabricated from plastic and aluminium, and this was attached to the standard issue bed rail using “Stauff clamps” lined with neoprene rubber to protect the paint finish on the rail.  Stauff clamps are normally used to secure hydraulic pipes but are available in a very wide range of sizes and lend themselves perfectly to attaching Remap projects to tubing. In this case, the galvanised steel top and bottom plates of the clamp were discarded and just the plastic body of the clamp was utilised so there were no sharp edges.

Under contruction in the workshop:

And fitted to the bed……..


The benefit

It was much easier for the client to adjust the bed.

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