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Sip/Puff Sewing Machine Pedal Actuator

  • Sophie Morrison
  • Essex North
  • 17/1553
  • Complete


This sip/puff actuator was developed from an original design from the Herefordshire Panel, the electrical circuits  and motor are exactly the same as the Herefordshire Panel Device. I modified the actuator to use a cam and lever after realising almost all of the older sewing machine pedals are identical. More modern machines pedals differ. Motor mount uses a torque reaction switch to stop motor then it reaches a limit stop, a hand button is provided to stop machine and cycle cam back to zero.



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One response to “Sip/Puff Sewing Machine Pedal Actuator”

  1. Ashley says:

    This solution is available if you want it please get in contact with head office. I can ship anywhere in U.K. client no longer has a sewing machine.

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