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Sky Q Remote Easy Grip Replacement

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Sky TV is important to Chris, and he uses an old Sky Q Easy Grip remote control holder to help him. This consists of a plastic device with a large hand loop on the back that is attached to the rear battery compartment of the remote.  The big advantage was the loop that kept the remote safely in his hand while he worked the buttons.   Unfortunately the Easy Grip is subject to wear, breakage and sometime the material it is made of degrades and becomes sticky beyond use.  He has had a few over the years but Sky no longer make them and he was really worried he may not be able to carry on watching. What was needed was some sort of replacement. Luckily Dave from the Harrogate and Ripon panel had already made something like it for a Sky Plus (  But while the Sky Q remote looked similar to the Sky Plus the Easy Grip was clearly a different design altogether.  Dave’s solution was not going to fit without some modification.


Here is the original Sky Q Easy Grip

The solution

It turns out that the base remote devices for both the Sky Plus and the old Sky Q systems are exactly the same.  The two completely different Easy Grip add-ons also both attach using the clip that is used to fasten the battery cover on the unmodified devices.  So to give Chris the much needed rear hand loop what was needed was an old Easy Grip for a Sky Plus remote partnered with Dave’s Sky Plus design.  The old Easy Grip was obtained from Ebay and the fitting took all of 2 minutes. Once in place Dave’s device worked perfectly.   An added advantage is that since the hand loop is the must vulnerable part of the design and most likely to be damaged, it is removable so a spare was printed for Chris, just in case.

This is Dave’s hand loop device for the Sky Plus system

Here is the Sky Plus Easy Grip attached to the Sky Q remote control and the hand loop device attached over the top.


The benefit

Sky TV is really important to Chris and to use it he has to have an attachment to the remote that he knows how to use and that allows him to securely hold it.  Sky no longer provide the replacement grips so he was facing a very difficult time.  The new combination device gives him back control over his TV.  Dave did the hard work of 3D scanning the remote control and designing the fairly complex 3D model.  He emailed the design files for it to Surrey and the rest was straight forward.


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