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Sleeve rolling device

  • RayWl
  • Bristol
  • 3-23-01
  • Complete

This client needed a device to help roll up one sleeve as she only has one usable arm following a stroke.

The Challenge

The client faced a frustrating situation following a stroke – she lost the use of one arm and was unable to roll up the sleeve of her clothes on one side of her body. In her pursuit of regaining independence and ease while dressing, she sought help from REMAP and asked us to design a device that would assist with rolling up her sleeve.

The solution

REMAP devised a tailor-made solution – a simple yet effective aluminium hoop with two ‘fingers’ designed to assist her with the dressing process. The client inserts her arm into the hoop, where the fingers securely hook under the sleeve. With a simple forward motion of her arm, the fingers easily roll up the sleeve, granting her newfound independence in getting dressed.

The benefit

The client was thrilled with the results. This simple solution has empowered her to perform a previously challenging task independently.

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One response to “Sleeve rolling device”

  1. Philippa Lee says:

    I would be good to see a picture of it in use with clothing as it is hard to visualize how it works.
    Sounds amazing though.

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