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Special Doll

A request was received from a local Children’s Hospital.  A two-year old girl who had sepsis had indicated that she would like a doll that more closely resembled her condition.  Could we manage to create such an item?

The solution

We purchased a proprietary doll from a local store which had the right basic characteristics and of a suitable construction for modification.  Hands and feet were amputated with a Junior hacksaw, the operation being conducted on the kitchen table.

Replacement ends or “stumps” were created to cap the amputated limbs.  These were painted with acrylic paints to match the skin tones of the doll.   The shapes of the ends were purely nominal and not intended to be a medically correct representation.

We were advised that the little girl’s favourite cartoon character was Minnie the Mouse so a suitable dress and headband were created.

The little girl is now receiving a pair of prosthetic legs from the NHS. Prior to the Corona virus, it had been our intention to create a replica pair for the doll so that it would progress at the same pace.  Unfortunately, this not possible at the moment.

We have another doll in stock and there is the possibility of further requests from the same hospital, possible for other upper arm abnormality conditions.  It is felt that these dolls make their particular conditions more acceptable to the children.

The benefit

The child was delighted.  There is the possibility of using these dolls to help small children to understand the medical treatment that they are receiving.

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