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Special raised baby cot & changing facility

  • RayWl
  • Bristol
  • 1114-02
  • Complete

The client has difficulty in bending to change an 8 month old baby and needed the cot raising and also a raised changing surface.

The overall solution comprised two elements :

1. A Client modified Cot. The Client provided modification allows easy access to the Cot at mattress level. This has been achieved by cutting one long side of the Cot into three sections. The left and right hand sections have been re-fixed to the Cot and the centre section has been hinged like a gate on its right hand end and secured shut by sliding bolts at top and bottom.

2. Method of raising the cot. This Comprises of a modified IKEA KURA style bed with added foot – supplied and modified by REMAP. The Cot is placed on the bed with its legs protruding between bed slats so that the cot base is resting on the slats. The area around the Cot has been decked to provide a changing area.


Bristol Panel case ref. 1114-02

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