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Stair Safety Rail

  • Pippa Cousins
  • Cambridge
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The client worried about the open staircase outside the bedroom. Her husband has Parkinson’s, and she was worried about him falling during night-time bathroom visits. They needed some form of safety barrier to prevent falls, particularly in the dark / low light.

They had considered a standard child stair-gate, but there is a bar at the bottom when open, which could be a trip-hazard during the daytime / when the gate is open.

The solution

A hinged drop down safety rail (stair banister rail cut to length) was attached to the wall, and supported by a newel post at the head of the stairwell (hollowed out to receive the rail). The rail hinges up and is clipped to the wall for daytime convenience.


The benefit

The client (and his wife) is able to move around safely and confidently upstairs, without the worry of falling down the stairs.

The Referring Occupational Therapist emailed the REMAP Engineer with the following Thank You message:

“I’ve visited the client today and they’re very pleased with the rail. I wanted to pass on my thanks, as this has solved a problem we weren’t sure we could do anything about. They’re especially happy as I’d warned it was unlikely it could be sorted out. Once again, as with so many times I have worked alongside Remap over the years, any expectations have been surpassed!”

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2 responses to “Stair Safety Rail”

  1. CambridgeBlue says:

    Thank you Boyd.
    If you need any other help for your Mother-in-law, do get in touch with us:
    Or perhaps as a retired engineer yourself, you might like to consider volunteering with Remap? If so, please go to:

  2. Boyd Ruppelt says:

    As a retired engineer, this is a excellent solution, great design and perfect for the application. We are thinking about moving my 95 yr mother-in-law with us and even with a chair lift I had concerns about wanting to around it.
    The rail would still allow my mastiff to come up an visit during the day or come wake me when he needed to go out.

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