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Standing Aid

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A client’s left leg is 5.5 inches shorter than her right. A custom stand was made to make transfers from and onto her wheelchair a lot easier.

The Challenge

This client is a wheelchair user with cerebral palsy associated with congenital dislocation of her left hip. This meant that her hip joint was excised leaving her left leg 5.5 inches shorter than her right.

This created a problem with using a stand aid for transferring from her wheelchair to the bed/shower/chair as she could not stand up straight. She therefore had to be hunched over and moved by her strong carer and partner.

The solution

Volunteer engineer, Ian, built a 5.5 inch wooden block on her new stand aid, so that she could now (for the first time for some years) use the aid properly and stand upright easily.

She could then be wheeled around as needed.

The benefit

Both the client and her partner were delighted. Ian felt it was a very gratifying case all around!

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