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Standing board for bath

  • Sophie Morrison
  • Swindon
  • 07/04 2005
  • Complete

Standing board for bathThe client is recovering from a stroke. His bath is narrow with a bottom that provides a very small width that is flat enough for standing securely. The need was to provide a wider stable platform that could be fitted to the bath as needed.

A slatted platform was mounted on a pair of contoured bearers. This raises the standing area by 75mm, giving a width for standing of 440mm, ample for his needs.

To prevent the platform slipping, a pair of vertical members carries a crosspiece that bears on the tops of the sides of the bath and prevents rotation. The centre slat is extended to bear against the lower end of the bath, in order to prevent slipping longitudinally.

The client can now balance himself securely when entering or leaving his bath.

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